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Rockin 8 Farm
2024 Chick Shipping Policy

  1. Rockin 8 Farm (AKA “The Farm”) does not host a waitlist for any specific color of chicks or for chicks in general. Chicks will be available on a first come first served basis and this is how:

    1. Thursday evening, Rockin 8 Farm will post the full count of what colors have been candled, deemed likely to hatch, and are going into lockdown.

      1. At this point Rockin 8 Farm will accept reservations and payment in full.

      2. Chicks are not sold until payment is received.

      3. In the event all the chicks paid for do not hatch on Sunday Rockin 8 Farm will contact the buyer to discuss your options.

      4. If Rockin 8 Farm is unable to make contact, the buyer will receive substitutes of The Farm’s choice.

    2. Sunday afternoon, Rockin 8 Farm will post the total hatch minus what has been claimed and paid for from Thursday's post.

      1. Again, chicks are not considered sold until they're paid for in full.

        1. Once the buyer has messaged The Farm with what the buyer wants, payment will need to be received as quickly as possible.

        2. Rockin 8 Farm does not do holds. Chicks must be paid for.

  2. Because Rockin 8 Farm loves our breeds and wants to see them in backyards across the country, and because shipping is expensive, The Farm offers chicks at $10 per chick strait run.

  3. Chick Shipping and Pickups

    1. Minimum order is 15 chicks for shipping and six chicks for pickups.

    2. The Farm will not ship if the destination is within 4 hours of 76549. The buyer must pick up at The Farm

    3. Currently Rocking 8 Farm is shipping USPS Two Day Express.

      1. Shipping cost for 15-18 chicks is $80.

    4. All chicks ship out on Mondays unless Monday falls on a holiday. The buyer should receive them by Wednesday but could possibly receive them as early as next day.

  4. Health Guarantee

    1. Rockin 8 Farm will guarantee the health of the chicks for 24 hours after the buyer picks them up, whether from The Farm or the buyer’s post office assuming the following.

      1. As the buyer, it is your responsibility is to provide an environment of proper size, with proper heat, bedding, food, and water.

        1. It is the buyer’s responsibility to do the research or have the knowledge to determine what is” an environment of proper size, with proper heat, bedding, food, and water”.

        2. If it is determined that the brooder is inadequate, the area is too hot or too cold, or proper food and water is not provided, Rockin 8 Farm reserves the right to refuse a refund.

      2. The buyer must agree to be available and flexible to pick up your chicks from the post office.

        1. The buyer has TWO hours from the time the buyer’s post office receives them to pick them up.

        2. Rockin 8 Farm will not guarantee their health if they're picked up after that.

    2. If a chick doesn't survive shipping or dies within the 24hr period at no fault to the buyer, then message Rockin 8 Farm with a photo and The Farm will be happy to issue a refund.

  5. Payments

    1. Only PayPal, Zelle, and Venmo are accepted for shipped chicks.  Cash for pickups unless otherwise discussed.

      1. Venmo

        1. Is a personal account linked to the owner of The Farm.

        2. Payments must be made via friends and family.

        3. No invoice will be provided.

      2. Zelle

        1. Is linked directly to The Farm

        2. No invoice will be provided.

      3. PayPal

        1. Is a business account.

        2. You will receive a PayPal invoice for your records.

        3. There is a 3.5% surcharge for using this electronic service.

  6. If you have any questions regarding this Policy, email them to

We look forward to doing business with you.

And from the co-owners of Rockin 8 Farm, Be Happy and Live Healthy!

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