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City Slickers Turned Country Farmers

     In 2014, my wife, Jessica, our seven kids, and I moved from the Phoenix Metropolitan Area to Texas to be closer to my mama and daddy (my stepdad who we love like a real dad). Jessica's entire family lives in Phoenix, so the move was tough. Then, not long after getting to Texas, my daddy was diagnosed with stage four prostate cancer, so as hard as the move was, we knew we were where we needed to be.

     Our goal was to find a piece of land and start living a simpler lifestyle. As often happens, our goals and life's timeline had two different plans. We ended up living in a rental house owned by my folks for four years. By the time we found our own piece of Texas, another kiddo had come along and four out the eight kids had moved out to start their own lives.

     Eventually, in 2018, we did find our little homestead, and my daddy got to see it one time before passing away. We took a huge leap of faith (bordering on downright irresponsible) to buy our dream. In fact, within the first six months we were convinced that we were going to lose everything. But between Jessica's willingness to sacrifice, and both of our willingness to put in the sweat equity our regular stead has become a HOMEstead.


     At Rockin 8 Farm, we garden on a pretty big scale, and the garden seems to get bigger every year. Eventually, we plan to grow the majority of our own veg and have enough left over to sell. We are planting several acres of orchard and vineyard in our own twist on a permaculture food forest. The plan is for this forest to become a you-pick fruit operation in the future. We also have chickens for eggs but never have enough to sell because we keep giving them away! This year, we finally ventured into raising Cornish cross chickens for meat in fall of 2020. We also breed Idaho Pasture Pigs for breeding stock, feeders for people to grow out themselves, and pasture raised pork.

     As you can see, Rockin 8 Farm is a bit of everything. However, it is basically two city slickers with full time jobs, 8 kids, little money, and no time trying to make a go at a life of homesteading and farming. It's pretty much a train wreck waiting to happen. Follow our blog and YouTube channel to keep up with the excitement!



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